• Renee Kalia

Medicine Shortage - a Growing Problem

Updated: May 4, 2020

Medicine shortages are, and have become a complex global issue, creating difficulties for healthcare professionals with risks to patient safety.

Bottom line? People’s lives are being put at risk because of medicine shortages, and there is evidence that shortages are worsening with time.

Effectively planning for, and managing drug shortages remains a challenge due to the varying factors that could result in a shortage.

Every shortage is different in size, scope and significance.

Causes are several and multidimensional in the context of a complex global supply chain.

Regardless of this, there is a patient in need somewhere and put at risk because of a medicine shortage.

Viable options to mitigate the problem?

There is increasing pressure on biopharma to do more to lessen the frequency of drug shortages within their own portfolio.

To assure supply for patient treatments: - Decisive leadership needed to prioritise critical resources when it comes to employees, capital assets and partner networks

Building simulation models that consider inventory levels, demand patterns, and factoring in supplier lead times. This however does not include internal and commercial decision making that is also a contributing factor.

More to follow

Renee Kalia

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