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Predicting Heart Disease using Machine Learning Algorithms

“The only limit to AI is human imagination.” -- Chris Duffey, Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence

Whilst the world is in lockdown and everyone is isolated, it has been recorded that each year, Coronary heart disease [CVD] causes an estimated 17 million deaths, which accounts for one-third of all deaths worldwide.

Proud to introduce Shamir Nundathparambil who has made Heart Disease Predictions using Machine Learning Models. I am pleased to have such an upcoming talent in my network and excited to share his capability and enthusiasm for machine learning.

A 2019 BTech Graduate certified in Big Data Analytics with experience in creating Machine Learning models that solve real-world problems.

A Machine Learning Enthusiast and Engineer with knowhow in Big Data, Deep Learning and Python Development.

Shamir has delivered a project using Machine Learning techniques for Heart Disease Prediction. Essentially, he developed a machine learning model that predicts whether a person is at risk of heart disease using a dataset of 500 records using Python ML Libraries and achieved 85% accuracy.

Shamir shared his report with me and I saw approximately 76 data attributes used to develop the machine learning model, the algorithms he used including the code. Finally completing with an evaluation – which supports the accuracy results rate he has given.

When the pandemic is over, life will go on - albeit there is talk the world will be different. No doubt about it.

We need to continue to nurture and develop the next generation of emerging talent and Shamir is no exception given his capability, but above all, he has enthusiasm to make a difference in the world, as do many other post graduates out there ready to make a positive and contributing impact.

Any notable upcoming talent in your network? - feel free to tag them in and share any stories.

Author: Renee Kalia

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