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Why the Customer Service Model needs a Radical Change

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

"Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design" -- Clare Muscutt

I’ve spent my entire career working in customer management across service and sales, and worked for some of the most amazing global brands and businesses. Notably, the last 10 years I have been in the Product Access space in the Pharmaceutical industry. It’s clear that things are in need of a change to better support patients with unmet medical needs.

I'll explain why: The traditional bricks and mortar way of customer service is simply not going to scale for the way in which pharmacists want to connect with medicine providers for their patients.

My vision is to transform the way in which Pharmacists, Physicians and Affiliates interact with customer service to obtain access to medicines for patients. The traditional bricks and mortar way of call centres is simply not going to scale for the way in which pharmacists want to connect with suppliers.

Call Centre and/or Customer Service staff are still on low pay which equates to high levels of attrition and renders poor customer service.

If the right structural and digital changes are not made, retention and service becomes an ongoing and cyclical challenge. Seen Groundhog Day?

Having designed customer service structures, now is the ideal time to for that radical change. An opportunity for a business to make a disruptive change that eliminates all the current issues around low pay and high staff turnover but also sees a reduction in costs for their clients. Yes, that is correct!

* more pay for the staff

* reduction in turnover rates

* improved customer experience

* less operating costs for the business

* cost savings for clients

* highly quality and timely service

Until the traditional methods of delivering customer service are abandoned, providing a great service will become increasingly difficult for companies to achieve greatness let alone world class. I have no doubt that this is already the case.

The B2C customer service model is impressively progressing at a pace using platforms to invite key customers to become brand ambassadors to support other customers by completing service tasks. Unilever and Microsoft are leading the way on that one!

Whilst this model cannot and should not be copied and pasted into the service provision to HCPs – there is huge scope to break away from the status quo and reimagine the way Pharmacists are serviced.

The new customer service model in the Product Access space is both innovative and disruptive.

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